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Songwriting cannot be taught in a textbook - 

students must learn it by doing it.


With that in mind, Zippy Toons lessons combine developmental & creative exercises that build the foundations of songwriting, beginning with topline writing.

After mastering structural basics, students learn how to

craft unique titles,  write compelling lyrics, compose ear-catching melodies, and ultimately, create chord changes. 

Classes limited to 9 students.  Instrumental, vocal, or music theory training not required.   All classes taught via Zoom.


After mastering structural basics, students learn how to

craft ear-catching titles,  

write compelling lyrics,

compose unforgettable melodies, and create chord progressions. 

Classes are limited to 8 students.  Instruments and music theory background are not required.  

All classes are held via Zoom.

Carly Robyn Green is a BMG recording artist/songwriter whose original music has been featured in over 170 TV shows & films,

recorded by multi-platinum artists worldwide, and performed on musical theatre stages

all over the world.

As the founder of Zippy Toons, she shares her global songwriting techniques with aspiring songwriters & musicians of all levels.

Carly Robyn Green