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Deborah, mom of @sampioofficial

From a Mother's point of view, nothing brings me greater joy than seeing my child doing what she loves with a teacher who brings out the best in her.  

(Carly's) amazing ability to work with children in such an honoring, professional, enthusiastic, and joyful way truly makes my heart sing and Sam's spirit soar!  


Top notch, solid gold, five stars, all the way!


Actor/Singer, "Sesame Street" (PBS) - 10

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Such a fun class!

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This was such an amazing class.  

Learning to write a song was wonderful

and a great addition to my piano playing.  

Thank you for always being so attentive and sweet in class, Ms. Carly!


Singer/Songwriter - 12


Actor/Singer/Dancer - 10

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Melanie, mom of @dancersf28

 She has loved the class!

She was not sure if she would like it when it started. She had a lot of Zoom fatigue. However, she beams when she talks about class and her songs.

Thank you for helping her find new ways to use her creativity.


Singer/Songwriter - 14

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Thank you so much!!  I had so much fun during the Valentine's Day Z Fest and I'm so grateful I get to take this amazing, fun class!  I've met so many nice friends here and I'm so grateful I get to be in such an amazing environment with such incredible, supportive people!  Can't wait for the next prompt!

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Gena, mom of @delaneypulito

Delaney is loving it!!!!

Singer/Songwriter - 8

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Beth, mom of @Eleanor_kuykendall

Zippy Toons we are sooooooo grateful for you!!!!! Love love love the time Ellie gets to spend with others just like her! And to develop her craft!

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Lee, mom of @adventuresofellagrace

Thank goodness for @zippytoonsmusic and Ms. Carly.

As so much moved virtual during the pandemic, we were fortunate to discover this songwriting program for kids. ⁣

Ella has been “writing” songs for years. Countless video clips are buried back in mom’s phone and digital archives. Grateful for Facebook and IG flashbacks to remind of some of those creative moments.⁣

She is best doing improv. With singing, dancing and comedy. It’s humbling to witness the spontaneous creations. ⁣
But if I didn’t record one of Ella’s improv songs, it swirled up into the universe, to be reborn another day with a new melody and new lyrics. ⁣

Now, Ella is learning a process for channeling all that into writing a song — on paper.  What a beautiful process! ⁣

Grateful for the opportunity to learn from this super sweet and accomplished Los Angeles-based songwriter while we are in Florida.



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Such an amazing experience working with @zippytoonsmusic on my song #thelittlethings! 

Looking forward to more songwriting!!

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I had the absolute best time in my Zippy Toons songwriting class this fall!!!!  I learned so much, met new friends, and had so much fun!!!  I can't wait for the next session to begin!!!

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I had a very cool experience with @zippytoonsmusic taking their virtual songwriting classes this past month!  It's amazing to learn just how important songwriting is and all the aspects that go into it!  :-)

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My songwriting class is so much fun!!  I can't wait until my song is finished.  Thank you for another great class, @zippytoonsmusic!

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Since I took Zippy Toons and Z Club,

I have been writing songs almost every week!  

Love this program!

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Drina, mom of @kendradantesmusic

My 17 yr old daughter has been learning so much in the current advanced class

and says, it's the absolute best birthday gift she's ever gotten.


Carly is a pro, wonderfully encouraging and makes the classes fun, highly recommend!

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This was the best ever!

I learned so much and loved my songs. Can't wait for the next level.  

Ms. Carly is the sweetest teacher.

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I love Zippy Toons!!  It's been so much fun!

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Thank you!!!  I learned so much and had so much fun!

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Layne, mom of @romyfaysparkles

My 7 year old is loving this course!!!  Can't say enough good things!

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I really enjoy the class!  Looking forward to seeing my song come to life!


Singer/Songwriter - 15


Actor/Singer/Songwriter  - 7


Actor, "United We Fall" (ABC) - 7


Actors/Singer - 10


Actor/Singer - 7


Singer/Songwriter  - 8


Actor/Singer - 12


Singer/Songwriter - 17


Actor/Singer/Songwriter  - 9


Actor/Singer  - 10


Actor/Singer/Songwriter  - 13


Actor/Singer - 12


Singer/Songwriter  - 13


Actor/Singer  - 9

Actor/Singer/Songwriter - 8

Actor/Singer/Songwriter - 16

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The BEST!  Carly is amazing!

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