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Extra-Curricular Program

Virtual, Interactive Songwriting Lessons 

for School-Based Groups

  • Ten 1hr. Zoom lessons 
  • No instruments or music theory required
  • Courses available for Grades 2-12
  • 2-week, 5-week, or 10-week sessions 
"Carly Robyn Green, founder, Zippy Toons, provided an engaging and meaningful experience for our Colburn Community students...  She is highly organized, engaging, and she provide[s] a comfortable experience for students to enable them to sing and to share their creativity with others.  We are looking forward to future collaborations!" 

                                Susan Cook, Dean

                                Colburn School
                                (Los Angeles, CA)

"Carly from Zippy Toons was great at adapting their music songwriting program for a wide range of student skills sets.  Zippy Toons created an authentic and fun learning experience for our students in the remote learning environment."

                             Derek Premo, Principal
                             Lower Manhattan Arts 
                             (New York City, NY) 

Proud Vendor


ED/WOSB Certified

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Where Storytelling Meets Melody


Beginner Program
 (Ages 6-9)

Discover how to tell a story in a real, radio song structure!  
Write a full melody in any genre or style.
Learn rhyme schemes & write a lyric that's personal & fun!

Intermediate Program (Ages 10-14)

Write 2 original songs in any genre or style!
Develop catchy, unforgettable melodies.
Learn how to write compelling, meaningful & poetic lyrics!

Advanced Program  (Ages 15-18)

Develop sophisticated & memorable melodies.
Craft lyrics with symbolism, meaning & a unique perspective.
Workshop original songs in any genre or style!

About Zippy Toons

Songwriting cannot be taught in a textbook -

students must learn it by doing it.

With that in mind, Zippy Toons lessons combine developmental & creative exercises that build the foundations of songwriting, beginning with topline writing (lyrics & melody).

After mastering structural basics, students learn how to craft unique titles, write compelling lyrics, compose ear-catching melodies, and ultimately, create chord changes.

Writing and creating at their own paces, students experience the joy of self-expression in a supportive learning environment that fosters team-building and collaboration.  

Zippy Toons proudly has its Child Performer Services Permit license and all instructors undergo fingerprinting and background checks.  All sample songs are G-rated.

Classes are limited to 9 students.  Instrumental, vocal, or music theory training is not required.  All classes are taught via Zoom.

We are proud to be woman-owned and operated.

Carly Robyn Green, Founder

Carly Robyn Green is a BMG recording artist/songwriter whose original music has been featured in over 175 TV shows & films, recorded by multi-platinum artists worldwide, and performed on concert and theatrical stages all over the world.  

Her collaborators are Oscar, Tony, Emmy and Grammy winning writers, and she has musically trained with top coaches internationally. 

As the founder of Zippy Toons, Green shares her global songwriting techniques with young creators across the globe, at all skill levels.  


Green graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Pennsylvania, where she studied music & marketing.  She represented Penn at the inter-collegiate Symposium for Curricular Reform and has been interviewed by the Chronicle of Higher Education and the Penn Gazette for her advocacy of interdisciplinary study.  She has also guest lectured undergraduate & graduate level masterclasses at NYU Steinhardt and The Musician's Institute.

Student Posts

Screen Shot 2020-10-18 at 8.10.29 PM.png


"United We Fall" (ABC)

FL, Age 7


Recording Artist

CA, Age 8

Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 8.40.36 AM.png


NJ, Age 12



"Les Mis," Nat'l Tour

NY, Age 9


"The Lion King," Broadway

NY, Age 11


"Frozen," Broadway

PA, Age 12



NJ, Age 8



CA, Age 12



NJ, Age 9

Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 8.42.40 AM.png


NC, Age 8


"Sesame Street," (PBS)

NY, Age 11


NJ, Age 11


MD, Age 14

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Parent Testimonials

"Keilani is really enjoying your class so much!!!  She has been learning piano/violin since she was six years old, but has never attempted songwriting so this is really helping her explore and grow musically.  I think it also helps her appreciate music and songwriting more, too, and better understand how music is created.  So it is helping her become a better musician!  She is spending so much time on her songs, so that is great, too, because it shows us parents how enthused she is about your class, teaching and curriculum!

Thank you so much for teaching this, and also being so organized!  Keilani tells me how organized you are, and how you are also making the class interactive and fun for the students. 


We also appreciate the small class size, so she is less intimidated or shy when "talking" (or singing) during class.  Keilani also tells me that her good music buddies Nicole and Liana are really enjoying your class, too!  They are so happy to be taking this class together."


- Kiku Iwata, Parent 

Keilana Boljuis, Age 13, CA

"Thank goodness for @zippytoonsmusic and Ms. Carly.  As so much moved virtual during the pandemic, we were fortunate to discover this songwriting program for kids. ⁣

Ella has been “writing” songs for years. Countless video clips are buried back in mom’s phone and digital archives. Grateful for Facebook and IG flashbacks to remind of some of those creative moments.⁣

She is best doing improv. With singing, dancing and comedy. It’s humbling to witness the spontaneous creations. ⁣
But if I didn’t record one of Ella’s improv songs, it swirled up into the universe, to be reborn another day with a new melody and new lyrics. ⁣

Now, Ella is learning a process for channeling all that into writing a song — on paper.  What a beautiful process! ⁣ Grateful for the opportunity to learn from this super sweet and accomplished Los Angeles-based songwriter while we are in Florida.


- Lee Nessel, Parent 

Ella Helton, Age 8, FL

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