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    Public Arts School Program
    Descriptions & Registration

Course Details


  • 10 Interactive 1-Hour Weekly Group Lessons

  • Review the Fundamentals of Song Structure

  • Learn Rhyme Schemes

  • Hone Lyrical Craftsmanship

  • Create Memorable Hooks & Tags

  • Independent Creative Exercises

  • Peer-to-Peer Feedback

  • Access to Weekly Instructor Office Hours

  • Program Results in 1 or 2 Original Toplines


Please Complete this Form to Register:

NO, We DO NOT Require Song Rights!


Students' Songs are Fully Student-Owned!

NO, Students DO NOT Need to Play Instruments!


We Teach Topline Songwriting Using Natural Musical Instincts!

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Each plan includes ten (10) group Zoom lessons - one (1) 60-minute lesson per week.  Each class has a maximum of nine (9) students.  Students may drop in to (1) optional instructor "Office Hours" session per week for extra help.  All students (or their parents) must be able to access Zoom, YouTube, Apple Music/iTunes, Spotify, and Google Drive, and have access to a "Voice Memos" or similar free voice recording app.  This course is intended solely as an enrichment program and no grades, reports, or school credits are given.  Although encouraged for this course, prior music theory or music education is not required.  All students must cooperate in a non-judgmental, supportive learning environment; the instructor reserves the right to terminate a student's enrollment if misconduct is displayed.  All student works/copyrights are fully student-owned.  Credit card payments are processed weekly for ten consecutive weeks.  Students/parents may cancel course subscriptions at any time with a written notice.  

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